Friday, August 5, 2011

To Tweet or Shut the Hell Up?

So I've been vaguely considering making a Twitter account. What's stopping me from doing it yet is mainly that my life is, at present, very boring. I don't think the world needs to hear "Cat threw up again" or "Time for another nap."

BUT at the same time, I believe that it is possible to be creative and interesting even in the midst of the dullest life. The question is, is it possible to do so in so few characters? How does a person create interesting content in such short space? I mean, I value constrictions of form and think they can provoke inspiration and innovation. I'm just not sure if this one DOES.

So let's think together. How interesting could a twitter post be? What could I post on any given day that might be...well, not boring?

Perhaps this: "Lots of green apples on the tree outside." No? Maybe, "Filled with dread about syllabi." Hmm, still not what I'd call catchy.

Really, what I need is Joss Whedon to write my twitter feed for me. He's the master who came up with the following response to the challenge to write a short story in six words: "Gown removed carelessly. Head, less so." Now there's pith for you!

I'll bet many of you out there have awesome and inspiring Twitter thoughts and experiences, so fill me in! What am I missing?


  1. While perhaps I would get weary of your zillionth nap tweet, I would love to read simple updates even of fresh green apples :-)

    Maybe consider tweeting about random interesting people you encounter or conversations you overhear?

  2. That's a great suggestion, actually. And once I start teaching again in a few weeks, there COULD be amusing student tweets.

  3. Yay! You're a good writer and I like to hear from you, so I am very excited.

    Other random idea: Two lies and a truth format. Example: Which of these things actually happened to me yesterday?

    I accidentally threw away a cookie, fished it out of the garbage, and ate it later.

    I lectured a stranger at Trader Joe's about reporting prizes and "freebies" on your tax return.

    I got into a fight with a Walgreen's employee about a grammatical error on one of their advertisements.

  4. We should start a somehow anonymous Twitter feed where we can post terrible yet funny sentences from student papers.